Hello, my name is Graham. You will find information, guides, videos articles and products particularly in the Video Marketing area. This covers anything from editing and creating videos to how to work in Marketing niches with video tools.

To give you some background I have worked the oil industry, qualified in geology , studied resource management, IT implementation etc etc. I also have a background in various other industries which I will elaborate on later. I believe there are some great opportunities to use the techniques used to create Video Marketing Videos that can be easily learned . I hope to explain to newcomers how to create edit and use your videos in multiple niches. It took me a while at first to come to grips with the various tools and techniques available. I found many sites and instructions that were over elaborate and technical. I hope to give some simpler explanations to get people started and then provide resources to train with and take you to higher levels.

Finally , as required by law , we may put some ads on this site.Some of these  will give me a commission and I will also be putting my own products up. I believe in being straight about this and should you have any issues please use the contact form on the site.

Also Video Niche Secrets support is provided by a help desk  used for all of my sites under the name of Greentradepro. At the footer of most of the pages of this site you will find a link to this desk. Simply log your support issue and it will tracked and dealt with without being lost in email .

Please enjoy reading the posts and I hope you find them useful.

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