How do you get a Businesss Message across with Video Creation tools?

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Source: NASA

The work required to create easy to understand basic business learning materials cannot be underestimated. There are so many variables. The topic may be complex with the need to put across a large list of ideas. The audience can also be varied with levels of understanding ranging form PHD ++ level to none. The audience may be your own co-workers or outside customers. 

The tools available to create the message are vast now. You could create the standard Powerpoint and talk, create a training or advertizing video, get a celebrity to promote your idea, use nothing but your personality etc. etc.. 

One idea based on the time tested basics of “Chalk and Talk”  is shown in an article I saw and have included below. Teachers have used variants of this such as the infamous overhead projector (with acetates). Does anyone remember this? 3M were very big in this , field. From this evolved the flip chart , the white board, the glass board, the electronic white board with paper print copy facility and more variants than can be imagined.

As noted in the article below, it has been shown that people retain more with videos than other media. So the combination of video using a white board is a powerful mechanism. The ideas can be presented with the visual simplicty of a whiteboard with audio voice over.

Complex Topics Made Easy to Understand With Whiteboard Videos

“Video production – After you’ve signed off on our illustration concepts, we get to work on bringing your video vision to life. Throughout this process, we’ll film “live action” versions of your graphics, sync them up with your audio recording and …Business 2 Community”


Business will always be looking for ways to convey messages , for training or for selling to external parties. When the project or proposal is complex. Simple communication using video creation can convert to great value.


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